Living life better by looking forward to death

If I am to go to Heaven when I die, and if Heaven is the incredibly wonderful place as described in the Bible, shouldn’t I be looking forward to it? Should I therefore not look forward to my own death? I am not depressed or even sad. However, it seems that the ultimate exercise in faith is to not fear death. From what I’ve read about near-death experiences, most of them say they wanted to stay where they were. And they hadn’t even seen their new crib yet! Again I note, I do not in any way intend to hasten my own day of reckoning, but from a philosophical point of view, perhaps I would do well to follow the old saying, “live each day as if it were your last”.

Thankfully, there seems to be something at work in us that prevents us from killing ourselves upon making this realization. Is it doubt? That implies a lack of faith, which I’m trying to increase here. Maybe it’s just survival instinct, God made us this way.

Would I not do everything in my power to defend and preserve the lives of my own children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, relatives, etc? If I were to come upon a man having a heart attack, would I not do anything I can to save him? I would certainly take a bullet for my kid and I sure as hell wouldn’t just walk past a heart-attack victim and wish him all the best in the afterlife.

Having such an instinct to survive is necessary to preserve and perpetuate the human race. It would be very abnormal for any animal to not attempt to preserve it’s own life and the lives of its offspring. It’s all about being fruitful and multiplying.

Still, knowing that I have something to look forward to when I die allows me to fear growing old a little less.

While death will hopefully not come today, it WILL EVENTUALLY come. If I’m lucky enough to get advance warning (something like cancer vs. a car accident), I hope I can take comfort in knowing that the Lord has my name written in the Book of Life and I haven’t a thing to worry about whether I’m cured or not. In fact, taking on such an attitude now while I’m healthy might even help me live longer as such an attitude is surely to lead to a reduction in stress. Why worry about anything here when I’m only here temporarily?

I have never had a life-threatening illness or accident but when I do, this philosophy will most surely be tested. I hope to pass that test when it comes. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue trying to learn more about God and the afterlife so I can look forward to meeting Him face-to-face all the more.

Islam: Satan’s favorite religion


As is reflected in Christian and Jewish theology, it is no secret that Satan wants to destroy as much of God’s creation as he can, most especially the souls of those God created in His own image. Most end-times related texts, such as those found in the books of Daniel and Revelation, describe a being who will deceive a good portion of the world’s population, leading nations into ever more deadly wars as the end times draw near.

Satan is smart enough to know that most people aren’t going to be dumb enough to bow down before and worship him when they know that will only lead to eternal damnation. This is why the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, taught that there really is no God or Satan and that real happiness can be found in hedonism, as that’s basically what LaVeyan Satanism is: hedonistic atheism. That sure beats going to hell!

Some 600 years after the death and resurrection of Christ, along comes a guy named Mohammed who claimed to have a dream where an angel told him that the Christians were wrong, Jesus was not a messiah, and that God’s name was really “Allah”, along with a lot of other nonsense. “Allah”, by the way, was known as a pagan moon god in Mohammed’s time before the name was given a whole new meaning.

Without going into all of the history behind it, Mohammed eventually rose to power in religious and political (often the same) circles. Eventually, he led warriors into battle, fighting for lands and the conversions of people. In my studies of world religions, Islam is the only one I know of that was founded in warfare and that teaches its adherents to murder any non-believer who refuses to convert.

Throughout the past couple of decades, as Islamic terrorism has reached new levels of bloodshed,  there is one question I have asked that no one has been able to answer: If these are just a handful of “extremists”, then why do their own people (the so-called “moderates”) seem so complacent? Many years ago here in America, the Ku Klux Klan claimed to murder blacks and other non-whites in the name of Christianity. However, there isn’t a single Bible verse that advocates such barbarity and eventually, the American people ran the Klan into the history books. Sure, there are still a few loose nuts out there, but we’ve come a LONG way since the days of lynchings and cross burnings.

Islam is different. This is the other question that is never answered, and perhaps an even more important one: How do Muslims explain the verses throughout the Koran and Hadith that teach their adherents to kill anyone who refuses to convert? No other religion does this. All world religions have an attraction rather than enforcement policy toward recruitment. Just because you’re born in Israel doesn’t mean you have to observe the Jewish religion. Ditto the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and all other religions I’ve ever heard of. Think I’m making it up? Am I taking their “holy scriptures” out of context? Look up a Koran and read it yourself. Here’s a primer, and there’s more where these came from:


Western leaders think they’re in a tough spot politically. Rather than make the bold decisions needed to defeat the enemy, politicians like Barack Obama refuse to recognize and call out the enemy for what it is: an ideology. They’re so afraid to “sound like Hitler” if they call out a religion that they’re paralyzed. This is why Obama refuses to call it what it is. Meanwhile, innocent people continue to die because of his head-in-the-sand policy. In this war, the enemy is being led by religious leaders so it’s hard to threaten a king when it appears to be his civilians acting on their own. Is this strategy working? We need to go after them and destroy them, wherever they are, before they destroy us. Of course, this doesn’t mean we round up the Muslims and gas them. We do need to put pressure on the Muslim population to deal with these barbarians. Sometimes, that pressure may need to come from the point of a gun and we cannot afford to shy away from using our massive forces against them. Sadly, Obama seems to be more worried about passing more “gun control” laws that have never stopped a single criminal or terrorist.