Google pairs with Ford to throw away investors’ money on self-driving cars

Google_Lost  An error I got one day with Google Maps. 2015.
Here’s another fine example of Google wasting its investors’ money on worthless technology that almost nobody wants.

Google wants their computers to drive cars. I think they should get navigation down first. Google would be better served putting its money into something actually useful like its buggy Maps application. Add some options to Chrome to make it useful, like Firefox.

Self-driving cars won’t work because cars need drivers with intuition, something computers just don’t have. Autopilot in the air is relatively easy when the nearest traffic is several thousand feet, if not a few miles, away. It’s a whole ‘nother story on the road, when a sudden decision must be made in a split second that can mean the difference between life and death.

Autopilot in a car may be more palatable so long as the driver can take control whenever they want. But not with arrogant Google. They want to remove the steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals. This is the part that really gets under my skin. In fact, I was all for their autopilot research until I saw this nonsense. You are completely and utterly at the mercy of their buggy software. The pilot in the air can take control of his/her plane whenever they want. Unless the same is true for cars, FORGET IT.

But even still, if I got my wish and they DID wise up and leave the steering and other controls in place, there will be people who rely TOO MUCH on the autopilot and they quit paying attention to the road. Hell, some will take naps. Again, that may be acceptable for a few minutes at 40,000 ft., but certainly NOT when I’m routinely coming within a few yards of other vehicles moving just as fast as I. And even at 40k feet, do you really want your pilot to be napping?