Once again, it’s “Morning in America”

Trump_dayGood morning America! What’s that I hear? “Not another political post!” you said? Oh well, I can’t help myself.

Eight years ago, the useful idiots (as the Soviets called their own) banded together and elected a man with no background besides being a college professor (whose his records, grades, etc. have been sealed ever since for some reason) for no other reason than because he was young, likable, and black. I had nothing to do with his qualifications. He was historic and that’s ALL that mattered.

The Democrats are so full of themselves with their disastrous social welfare programs, the only thing that seems to be making black folks forget WHICH party it was who freed the slaves and passed the Civil Rights Act, all against the wish of who? The Democrats. Go look it up if you don’t believe me. It’s the greatest mystery in modern American politics.

Today, a man takes charge who has the experience and the intelligence to help our nation recover from the consequences of living under a president who was elected for all the wrong reasons.

Let’s start with the border laws. ISIS has been telling us that they are infiltrating through the southern border. What has our President done about it? Nothing. Getting more votes from people invading from poor countries (and will later become Democrats of course) is more important that protecting the American people. How else can you explain it?

We’ve been led by a man who has encouraged trade policies that drive our jobs overseas, including jobs in the STEM fields like computer science, accounting, even radiology! I’m all for global competition, but that can only occur when we compete on a LEVEL playing field. How am I supposed to compete against some guy who lives the same lifestyle as I do (if not better) halfway around the world for half the price? It’s not because he or his country are better than I. His country is on a different financial level than ours so his cost of living is much lower than it is here. You think $50 a day isn’t much money. In some countries, you can buy a LOT for $50. To those guys, that’s much better than he was making in his own country and thanks to technology, he doesn’t even have to move to take the job!

Today, a new administration, Congress, and Senate, ALL DULY ELECTED BY US, not the Russians as the sore losers would like you to believe, will take charge. Together, we will lower taxes, cut the size and scope of the federal government, return power to the states that has been taken in violation of the 10th Amendment, fix our broken health care system, the list goes on and on. There’s a lot of work ahead but WE THE PEOPLE are up for the challenge to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain !

If you don’t like it, fuck it. You won the last two elections. Today, EVERYONE WINS. GO PREDSIDENT #TRUMP !