Happy Thanksgiving!


Every Columbus Day and Thanksgiving I see this nonsense that’s supposed to make Americans feel guilty because some of our ancestors, hundreds of years ago, conquered the American Indians. Idiotic cartoons insinuate that we should abandon our immigration laws and quit celebrating holidays that celebrate our nationhood.

Granted, the American Indians were wronged in many instances, such as the trail of tears and Wounded Knee massacre. Forcing them onto reservations wasn’t cool either. None of that can be changed. Thankfully, many of them are still here and from what I can see with all these casinos, they’re doing better than they were in 1850. I hope they continue to thrive.

I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for them in losing their land over 100 years ago (a good deal of which they sold ). Why, because I’m mean? No, because that’s the way the world has always been. People have conquered (and bought) the land of others throughout world history. Maps from the Roman Empire days bear little resemblance to modern maps. Archaeologists say the American Indians immigrated from Asia. Us white guys came from the Caucasus mountains of what is now southern Russia. Before all that, everyone (supposedly) started out in Africa. The past is history and I don’t have any more ties to Russia than a Cherokee has to China so who gives a shit?

To summarize: My ancestors came, they saw, they kicked ass. Some people lost. Oh well. The year is 2016. Eat, drink, and be merry!

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