Build the wall and save Mexico


A wall on the southern border (along with patrols, of course) could be the best thing to ever happen to Mexico. By us taking in millions of their impoverished, they never have to change their ways.

What we’re doing now is called enabling. Just like the alcoholic’s spouse who’s constantly cleaning up the other’s messes.

Imagine a Mexico where the people get fed up and demand change. Imagine a Mexico that actually had to fix it’s own corruption. Now that’s a Mexico that can thrive, with real hope for a future besides being a third-world nation for a change.

But no, Democrats and Mexican politicians like things just the way they are. Democrats get new voters, some Americans get cheap labor, and Mexican politicians keep the peasants from forming an uprising. To say otherwise gets people like me labeled a “racist”, though race has nothing whatsoever to do with it. If we were being invaded by millions of Swedes, I’d demand their deportation as well.

The American people have spoken. We’ve had enough and we’re building the fucking wall whether brainwashed college students like it or not. Mexico will hate it. Their press will scream bloody murder. Ignore their propaganda. In the end, the Mexican people will win and the American people won’t have to put up with being a doormat to Mexico. It’s time to DRAIN THE MEXICAN SWAMP.

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