Voting machines behaving badly

When I voted yesterday, the machine REMOVED my selection for president. I voted a straight Republican ticket. On the next screen, the selection for the Republican candidate in every race was selected EXCEPT for Trump/Pence!

The poll worker was insistent that it was user error. Bullshit. I know how to use computers and that was no “user error”. I filed a complaint with the county, my local Republican Party office, and the Trump campaign. I also reported it to a local Fox TV affiliate, in case they cared.

A local representative from the Republican Party called me. He explained that unless I had followed a certain procedure (which I’m sure few people know about) he would have nothing to go to court with. What I should have done is stopped before I made the correction and shown a poll worker what happened. They would ask me to repeat the process. If it works, great. Problem solved. Otherwise, I have to get 2 poll workers to sign a sworn affidavit stating what happened. I’m sure the lawyers among us are nodding their heads in agreement. The rest of us learn a lesson in civics.

Before correcting my vote, I considered showing the poll worker but how could I prove what happened? They could claim that I must have unselected the president (user error). If I repeated it in front of them and the machine behaves itself, they win again. Only if the machine repeats the error would it be caught. I figured that if that was the case, then others would notice and the poll workers would then shut down the machine. However, if you really want to cheat an election with software, would you make it so obvious? Call me paranoid, but I do some computer programming and the code would be very simple to do it randomly. Removing the presidential selection every time is going to raise flags. But do it about 10-15% of the time and you can have a big impact with minimum risk – if people aren’t paying attention.

Mine is not the only such report of voting machine problems. This is happening all over the state and probably the country. If people don’t check their ballots, we’re doomed.