Enough with the temperature “feels like” nonsense

The National Weather Service, one of our government’s biggest purveyors of the man-made global warming myth, has been pushing this “feels like” temperature for at least a couple of years now. I’m also hearing radio stations mention the Accuweather “RealFeel” temperature.

After giving the actual outdoor temperature, they throw in this extra nonsense about what the temperature “really feels like”. So if it’s 95 degrees (F) outside, they’ll say something like, “It’s 95 degrees out there but it FEELS like 104”.

This is bullshit and it needs to stop. There’s no such thing as a “feels like” temperature. When it’s 95 degrees out, it feels like just that – 95 degrees. It’s scientifically impossible for it to “feel like” the temperature is anything but 95. The justification they use is humidity. They figure that since high humidity adds to the discomfort caused by a high temperature, then they can claim that it “feels hotter” than it really is. For example, 100 degrees in the desert (like Las Vegas) is more tolerable than 100 degrees in humid climates (like Miami). When the mercury reads 100 F, it’s no hotter in Miami than in Vegas but it feels more uncomfortable and this is often interpreted as feeling hotter. But HOW MUCH hotter? Two degrees? Five? Who decides? It’s just like the “wind chill index”. All nonsense. When it’s 10 degrees outside, it may feel colder with the wind blowing but it’s not colder and no one can tell you how cold you “feel”.

So what’s the point? Why do NOAA and others think they need to tell us this “feels like” temperature? If you pay any attention to politics, the answer should be obvious. NOAA, along with every leftist group you can think of (like the “news media”), has been pushing this myth that human activity is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. The truth is, global temperatures are not rising like they originally claimed (notice how they call it “climate change” now instead of “global warming”) and even if it were, there isn’t a damned thing anyone can about it. But for the sake of their political objectives, they have to perpetuate the myth and if they can’t get away with lying about the daily temperature, at least they can make something up to make you THINK it’s hotter than it was “back in the day”.

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