Black Lives Matter hypocricy on display


DPD_July_2016“To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.” – Black Lives Matter

Well isn’t that just rich? It seems to me that if Black Lives Matter would take their own advice instead of inciting violence and mass murder, maybe those cops would be alive today.

Thus is the fruit of “Black Lives Matter”, the leftist terrorist group funded by billionaire instigator George Soros. That was their official statement the day after a racist sniper murdered 5 and injured 8 other Dallas and DART police officers who were busy trying to keep protesters safe during a Black Lives Matter protest on July 7, 2016. No offerings of sympathy for those who lost loved ones.

This also happened in a city that has a large per-capita black population that is reflected among the police department’s own ranks and whose own chief is black, the very well-respected David Brown. The Dallas Police Department had absolutely nothing to do with the incidents in cities over 500 miles away for which these people were protesting. Yet they and their families paid the price. “Black Lives Matter” has blood on their hands.

As a reminder, these are the same people who got people chanting phrases like, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!” But nah, we’re supposed to just ignore all that when their organizers get invited to the White House by our so-called leader, Barack Obama.

The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning over in his grave.

If you listen to the liberals who support them, the rest of us are supposed to believe that they’re just a benign “civil rights movement” with a beef against bad cops. Such cops are rare and always have been. But in a day when everyone has a video camera the ability to communicate with hundreds of other people within seconds, the court of public opinion (aka anarchy) takes over. History has repeatedly proven that mob rule is dangerous.

As is on full display, “Black Lives Matter”, once again, is responsible for the loss of more lives than any of the police officers on display in their false narrative. As the reader may recall, the whole “movement” was spawned as a result of a LIE that has been disproven time and again regarding what happened in Ferguson, MO to one thug Michael Brown.

How many more people need to die to promote this lie?

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