Hey web developers – what looks OK on my phone looks like shit on my 24″ monitor

Guess where I spend most of my time on the internet?

a) sitting on my couch with my head pointed down toward my phone

b) sitting at my desk at home with a full-sized PC sporing two 24″ large monitors

c) sitting at my desk at work with two (rather crummy by comparison) monitors

This may come as a shock to you, but both b & c are correct answers. Yes, I pull up the browser on my phone on occasion, but truth be told, the World-Wide Web is ALWAYS better experienced on a full-sized screen, even when it’s the puny 22″ monitor I must suffer with at work. Thanks to “pinch and zoom”, websites on my phone are almost as useful (which depends on how well the site is coded…)

My point is this: when I’m on your website on my home PC, work PC, or laptop, I expect to get the most out of my screens. I paid almost $400 for the monitors at home plus another $120 for a graphics card to feed them so I’d appreciate you saving the login and password boxes that take up the entire horizontal width of my screen for the smartphones and even then, only for those who WANT the Fisher-Price layout. Oh, so your boss told you to quit coding for multiple user agents? Well your boss is a dick. It doesn’t take THAT much more effort to code for both. If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

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